Scale with BOT model

Build, Operate, Transfer - BOT Model: We help you get your India captive unit with ease

Are you getting the right talent?

I am very busy with Funding, Product Market Fitment, Engineering, Sales and Expansion. Getting right talent, focus and scale is often second priority for me because of time constraints.

Do you currently have capacity constraint?

There are often many pending feature backlogs that if they had been completed would have helped the company grow further.

Is your spending optimized, and I am ready to scale up?

I have not given enough attention for optimised and lowering costs.

I am concerned of losing control and compromised security if I engage outside?

There is always a question on IP leakage, security, compliances and I may lose control.

Partners with skin in the game with unique operating model

Help you set up your captive in India without undergoing the expanding pains and bothering of setting business in India

Phase 1 - Build

Biz Formation

We take care of all paper work, statutory checks and balances and transparently share with you every details


Us 25%

You 75%

Phase 2 - Operate

Talent Pool

Recruitment Workforce Management


Operate in Steady and stealth mode

Phase 3

Scale Up

Scale up infra, talent and projects

Scale Out

Expand services and locations

How we do it? What you get? How Can We help You?

Scale in India, scale with us. We will build your captive organization and operate it till you want to manage it


Formation of Biz Entity in India
Initial office Setup / Infra
Legal / HR / Finance Policies
India based Regulatory / Statutory Compliance


Vast Talent Pool
Trusted Project Governance
Engineering and Product Mindset
Legal / HR / Finance
  • India has amazing large talent pool and we can help you secure and operate that
  • Set up the operations and run in all aspect till you wish to take control 100%
  • India statutory and laws are not employer friendly and requires high touchpoints. We manage all that complexity for you.
  • Help scale fast with numbers and throughput with experienced execution team.
  • Not just an outsourcing partner , we are coming as engineering back office for company
  • We will have our skin in the game for Your success, and we benefit for showing positive outcomes for company

What we need?

You get a Turn Key operation in as fast as 2 years…

Resource Ramp Up Plan

We need to know what engineers will work on, how many and when

Talent Acquisition Support

In year 1, last 1 or 2 rounds to be done by company staff and hire only when agreed (year 2 fully from India)

Knowledge Ramp Up Plan

Some people will be needed to travel India (reverse osmosis), Some people from India travel to HQ (osmosis)

Retrospection Session

Forward looking 2 Qtr. Plan & than retrospect monthly session on what went right/wrong and fine tune plan ahead

Agreed Engineering Operating Model as driven by company

You decide Reporting structure, Hierarchy, Issue escalation and resolutions and we provide options

Sound Financial Operations and Transparency

4 months Advanced Payments made for projections made. Any adjustments are discussed in monthly operations meetings.